Geraldine is a Communications specialist for TIPC and Deep Transitions and is based at the Science Policy Research Unit, University of Sussex.

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Blog - November 15, 2021

Transformative Investment for Impact in the 21st Century towards the Sustainability Revolution and Beyond COP 26

    This blog reviews a few new ideas on Transformative Investment research from the Deep Transitions Futures project. The Deep Transitions Futures project is run by an interlinking team of researchers and science communicators from the Science Policy Research Unit (SPRU) at the University of Sussex Business School, and the Utrecht University Centre for…
Launch event Deep Transitions Futures and Global Investors Panel
Blog - October 14, 2021

Global Investors Lead the Charge on Climate Crisis with Creation of New Investments in Transformation

Currently, leaders from around the world are galvanising towards the 26th Community of Parties (COP) conference on international climate action. There have been twenty-five previous COPs, but this one is crucial. It is the absolute tipping point for the world.  As governments, policymakers, activists and businesses jostle and joust through debate and negotiations on targets,…
Consequences of COVID-19
Blog - April 6, 2020

Conversaciones sobre COVID-19: consecuencias para la segunda transición profunda y la revolución de la sostenibilidad

Por: Johan Schot , Bipashyee Ghosh y Geraldine Bloomfield Traducido por: Diana Velasco, investigadora invitada de Ingenio UPV-CSIC. Comentarios para la versión en español de la entrevista, por Diana Velasco Un mundo en transición profunda, empujado a hacer cambios radicales en los patrones de conducta, de comportamiento, y de valores de las personas, más que por una dirección…
Consequences of COVID-19
Blog - March 25, 2020

Conversations on COVID-19: Consequences for the Second Deep Transition and the Sustainability Revolution 

The COVID-19 public health emergency facing the world is the worst in living memory. It is changing everyday life in an immediate and stark fashion not seen, arguably, since the Second World War. The, perhaps unhelpful, metaphor of ‘war’ is being used to evoke our attempts at mastering the attacking virus. In the worst-hit country,…

Episode 2: Investing in the Era of Deep Transitions: Professor Johan Schot in Conversation with James Anderson

Deep Transitions
Deep Transitions
Episode 2: Investing in the Era of Deep Transitions: Professor Johan Schot in Conversation with James Anderson
What can the worlds of finance and academia learn from each other? Will technological innovations like electric vehicles be enough to avert climate catastrophe, or will we need to reinvent social norms like the very concept of personal vehicle ownership entirely? Should those concentrating on electrification, like TESLA, diversify into ‘mobility-as-a-service’ rather than just the…