Victoria Ward completes the Deep Transitions Futures facilitation duo. She has
15 years of experience in leading product R&D, including as chief knowledge officer in an investment bank division, which equipped her to build a radical multi- disciplinary change and strategy network in the late 1990’s. Since then she has explored the forward edges of what is possible in co-created strategy, visioning, cultural transformation, shaping learning organisations and collaborative working environments. Victoria holds a degree in languages from Cambridge University, a post graduate diploma in working groups from the Travistock Institute, and is an accredited ICF coach. For more information see

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Blog - March 28, 2022

Crowdsourcing The Future: Summary of Results and Insights

Background & Demographics The “Crowdsourcing The Future” initiative was launched as part of the Deep Transitions Futures scenario work which introduced three alternative futures that are more fit for tackling global challenges such as climate change and growing inequality. The aim of the crowdsourcing initiative was to critically scrutinise the three future worlds and to…