Wendy Schultz is one of the facilitators for the Deep Transitions Futures project. She is an academically trained futurist with over forty years of global foresight practice. She has designed futures research projects for NGOs, government agencies, and businesses. Recently, she completed four global scenarios and multiple regional scenarios on the futures of research and innovation in a post-COVID world. Wendy Schultz holds a PhD degree in Futures Studies from Manoa University and teaches Futures Studies in the Strategic Foresight Master’s programme at the University of Houston. For further insights follow @wendyinfutures on Twitter.

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Blog - April 29, 2022

An introduction to the Deep Transitions Futures methodology

We all want a sustainable future, and a better future for ourselves, our families, our children and our communities. But what could that ‘better future’ look like? Any future more desirable than our present will require trade-offs. After all, we all don’t want exactly the same things out of life. Deep Transitions Futures is exploring…
Blog - March 28, 2022

Crowdsourcing The Future: Summary of Results and Insights

Background & Demographics The “Crowdsourcing The Future” initiative was launched as part of the Deep Transitions Futures scenario work which introduced three alternative futures that are more fit for tackling global challenges such as climate change and growing inequality. The aim of the crowdsourcing initiative was to critically scrutinise the three future worlds and to…