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To tackle the greatest challenges of our time, tremendous levels of investment will be needed to transform the unsustainable systems that our societies are built upon. Deep Transitions Futures is an interdisciplinary research project that brings together social scientists from the sustainability transitions field and a Global Investor Panel of both private and public investors, to develop a new type of investment that is fit for a world in transition: Transformative Investment.

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Launching Sustainable Futures: A Manifesto for Transformative Investment

Jenny Witte

Join the Launch! On 15 September 14:00 CEST Click Here About this event:This event marks the official launch of the Deep Transitions Futures Global Investors Panel. The Panel, along with a prominent research team, is creating a manifesto for ‘Transformative Investment’ which looks at steering investments towards decarbonisation, the ‘race to net zero’ and a...


The Deep Transition Futures Project: Investing in Transformation

Jenny Witte

  The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates that over the next 15 years an annual investment of $6.9 trillion in energy, transport, building and water systems is necessary to meet the requirements of a 2-degree scenario as set in the Paris Agreement. Even higher investments will be needed to address the loss...


Imagining a good life in a green and fair society: You must visualise the future in order to shape it!

Jenny Witte

The Deep Transitions project has emphasised how much the shaping of technology since the industrial revolution has been crucial in bringing us to the current environmentally threatening situation. Mass production, in particular, has brought the use of earth’s material resources and the emission of CO2 to dangerous levels. Excess possessions and waste in mass consumption...


Episode 2: Investing in the Era of Deep Transitions: Professor Johan Schot in Conversation with James Anderson

Carlos Virreira

What can the worlds of finance and academia learn from each other? Will technological innovations like electric vehicles be enough to avert climate catastrophe, or will we need to reinvent social norms like the very concept of personal vehicle ownership entirely? Should those concentrating on electrification, like TESLA, diversify into ‘mobility-as-a-service’ rather than just the...