Audrey Desiderato is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer
at SunFunder, the leading specialist debt financing partner for solar
companies in Africa. Based in Nairobi, Audrey oversees the investments
and partnerships teams to ensure the organisation meets its commercial
and impact strategies. She also leads talent development and serves
on SunFunder’s Board. Prior to SunFunder, Audrey modelled clean energy
projects in the U.S., and performed research in the agriculture-energy
nexus and forestry sectors.

SunFunder provides innovative debt financing for solar enterprises working
in emerging and frontier markets and collaborates with major debt fund
investors around the world to unlock capital for solar energy projects.
To date, the company has directly impacted 8 million people with improved access to clean energy. SunFunder has closed over $140 million in debt financing for pioneering solar companies, working with global investment institutions such as DFC, Swedfund, Bank of America and Calvert Impact Capital.

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