Global Investors Panellist of the Month: Dominic Burke

The Deep Transitions Newsletter puts one member of the Global Investors Panel in the spotlight each month. Issue #7 of our newsletter features Dominic Burke who is the Investment Director of the Lankelly Chase Foundation, a charitable grant-maker in the UK which seeks to transform systems of injustice and oppression. Dominic manages the Foundation’s GBP 150 million endowment in support of its mission, including the contribution to rapid and just decarbonisation. He is involved in various investment initiatives aimed at systemic change, most recently convening asset owners and asset managers to explore
alternative approaches to economic growth.

Why did you decide to join the Global Investors Panel?

“As a philanthropic asset owner seeking systems change, Lankelly Chase Foundation was excited to rethink our investment practices through the transitions framework. I believe that investors need new goals, strategies and tools if we are to contribute to positive transformation, rather than perpetuate our unjust and unsustainable status quo.”

What would you say are the biggest challenges in sustainable finance?

“One of the biggest challenges for sustainable finance is the risk that it satisfies itself with incremental change, while reproducing the harmful foundations of mainstream, or “unsustainable”, finance. For example, by failing to reorient its goals away from private profit maximisation towards social and ecological flourishing.”

What does the success of Deep Transitions Futures and the work with the Panel look like for you?

“A disruptive and inspiring model for investing which contributes to a just and sustainable future.  For the frameworks, tools and collaborative methods we have been engaging with – such as futures and systems thinking – to proliferate beyond the panel and be adopted across the investment system.”

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