Workshop Report: Deep Transition in the Transatlantic Zone in the Long Twentieth Century, 18-20 May

With the first phase of the Deep Transitions project drawing to a close, the Deep Transitions workshop on 18-20 May presented acquired findings to a broader community of scholars with pertinent backgrounds, and opened up emerging ideas to critical scrutiny. The workshop intended to provide a space for constructive dialogue and discussion, including the future development of the Deep Transitions framework as well as possibilities for cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, the three-day workshop was moved online, with scheduled offline moments, and breaks that could be used to read papers and prepare for group discussions.

Participants contributed to the workshop by taking on the role of Extender, Commentator or Integrator. Extenders engaged with the Deep Transition framework by presenting their own paper in a short pitch. Commentators were tasked with reading the presented paper and providing critical comments, new perspectives and options for developing the thinking and research further. Integrators monitored the workshop debates, synthesised the insights from various participants, and offered ways forward.

The workshop was divided into four thematic sessions, namely: Deep transitions in time and space, the co-evolutionary patterns of deep transitions, mechanisms and critical junctures of deep transitions, and Deep transitions methodology. This workshop report provides a detailed outline of all sessions, outcomes and conclusions.

The Deep Transitions workshop was funded by Baillie Gifford.

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Workshop Report

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